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Top 4 Ways to Optimize Facebook Business Page

Posted by Cornell Insurance Services on Oct 20, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Facebook has become the key marketing tool for all companies. With 1.49 billion active Facebook users, any company would be missing out on valuable, free marketing. Companies using social media have access to what real people are saying about the brand and how others perceive the brand. Facebook also helps increase visibility in search engines, leading to more free exposure. Master our top 4 ways to optimize Facebook and watch your page grow.

  1. Match the brand name to the URL and profile picture. Treat Facebook like another website. Create the page with the same brand name that is on the main website and customize the Facebook URL to mirror that as well. The page’s Facebook profile picture is also important because it’s a way for people to recognize the company by the logo. By making everything match, you’re increasing chances of being discovered on Facebook and Google.
  2. Complete the entire profile. This should be obvious but one should never assume. When people stumble across your company’s Facebook page, they want to know more. This is your chance to give them everything there is to know about your company such as where the company is located, products offered, times of operations, etc. Try to highlight your company’s best qualities. The “About” section plays a key roll in google searches. 60-80% of searches are pulled from keywords used in the “About” section according to Greg Marlin from The other 40-20% comes from the Company Overview and Location Fields.
  3. Content. Social media is based around content collected from all different outlets. Frequently posting and sharing quality content that is engaging with your fans will lead to more Likes and ultimately more exposure on Google searches. Content that relates to your brand and provides value to your target audience will help get your page noticed.
  4. Improve engagement. While content is great, engaging with people on Facebook requires more of a conversation and frequent posts. Share an article and ask questions or stay hip and use emoticons. Everything you put on Facebook can’t be a sales pitch. There needs to be added fluff.

Creating valuable content and engagement are the toughest hurdles to accomplish when doing any type of social media marketing. Fully understanding your target market is the most important part because in order to create engaging content, you must think like the person on the receiving end. These are four major points when trying to master Facebook as a marketing tool but of course, understanding the analytics that Facebook provides about your page will help develop more content and see where your page is lacking. Facebook provides you with all the tools to become successful, you just have to learn how to use them.

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