Environmental Protection Insurance

Imagine what might happen to your organization if …

• Bacteria gets into your facility’s water or air system causing many patients to become ill

• Infectious medical waste is improperly disposed


• While building a new clinic, you discover that the groundwater and soil of your building site was contaminated by a previous occupant

When you think about environmental exposures, oil spills and mold outbreaks come to mind. Most people don’t realize that organizations in the health care and social services industries face big environmental risks as well. 


Unfortunately, many types of businesses encounter these types of circumstances more often than you might expect. That’s why it’s important to be prepared with environmental insurance.

environmental-protection-insuranceKey features of environmental insurance policies:

• Includes coverage for claims resulting from pollution conditions relating to premises owned, leased or occupied by the named insured at the

• Inception date and non-owned disposal sites used by the named insured

• Also provides coverage for pollution conditions arising from transportation and contracting operations conducted away from the insured’s premises
• Also provides coverage for indoor air quality exposures and optional coverage for storage tanks are available

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