Crime Insurance

Every organization faces crime-related risks – from employee dishonesty and credit card forgery, to theft and computer fraud. What can you do? You can either directly absorb those costs (which can add up to thousands of dollars) or you can protect your organization with crime insurance.

Imagine what might happen if …

  • A building engineer purchased tools on the corporate account and then sold them online and pocketed the money
  • The fleet manager conspired with a vendor to inflate vehicle prices, and then pocketed the difference between the inflated and actual pricing
  • A treatment center’s manager pocketed payments that were paid in cash by patients

Key features of our Crime Coverage

  • Many options available to protect your organization from forgery, alteration, loss of money and securities and reimbursement of claim expenses
  • Coverage also available to protect against funds transfer fraud and computer fraud
  • Coverage protects the organization, assets within the organization’s employee benefit plans, and assets of the organization’s clients

Facts you should know:

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners 2012 Report to the nations,
  • A typical organization will lose 5 percent of its revenues to fraud each year
  • The average loss caused by employee dishonesty costs $140,000
  • One in every five fraud cases involves a loss of at least $1 million
  • Most occupational fraudsters are first-time offenders with clean employment histories

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