A Unique Conversation About Insurance For Your Business

When you search for commercial insurance partners, you’ll hear a lot about stability, carrier relationships, niche expertise, proactive claims handling and exceptional service. In fact, Cornell goes above and beyond the client's expectations.

We want our clients to profit from protection and allow us to help them grow by providing our clients with the tools to build their company. Our elite team of Risk Specialist provide commending customer service and are here to answer all your questions about insurance and what policy is best for your business. Not only are we here to provide insurance needs, Cornell has a risk management team that guarantees visits to your facility to assure you meet state needs.

Contact us to learn more about our differences here. You’ll be glad you did.


A team you’ll enjoy working with: You’re in the business of serving people from all walks of life. You’re in a complex business with unique risk characteristics. One solution does not fit all and we get that. That’s why we love collaborating with you. Our team of insurance professionals is committed to listening, thinking and aspiring to find better ways to solve your risk challenges. This dedication to excellence helps you take on future challenges confidently and successfully.



Insurance carrier relationships you can rely on: Since its formation, Cornell has developed associations with many of the nation’s leading insurance carriers.  These relationships provide access to an extraordinary breadth of markets from which to create and negotiate comprehensive, competitively priced insurance programs on behalf of our clients. Our clients stay with Cornell for many years — through the ups and downs of market cycles. This high level of client loyalty is strong testimony to the value we invest into strong carrier relationships. The bottom line: with Cornell you have less exposure to changing carrier risk appetites. 


Smart niche insurance strategies: Your for-profit or nonprofit care organization needs more than an insurance policy. You need a plan and that’s where Cornell delivers. Our mission is to provide cost-effective risk management products and services to protect against exposure to financial loss while adhering to the highest moral and ethical standards.  We achieve our mission by representing and advising you through the risk transfer process and by consistently providing quality customer service. We recognize that each client has different needs for risk transfer, loss control and claims management services. By providing prompt, courteous and responsive service and by maintaining exceptional carrier relationships, we are able  deliver optimal social services insurance products on the most economical basis.