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Tips to Staying Active at Your Desk

Posted by Cornell Insurance Services on Sep 18, 2015 11:30:00 AM


In today’s fitness craze, it’s important to stay active, especially while sitting at your desk at work for 8 hours a day. Sitting for long periods of time is not health on any level but there are people who never think twice about the harmful effects it’s having on their bodies. There’s a lack of blood flow through the body, joints and muscle stiffen and can cause a variety of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. These health problems can be avoided by adjusting your work day and adding in extra movement.

Tips for a more active work day

  • Park far away from the building. When you arrive in the morning, don’t go for the nearest spot. Drive back a few rows and walk a little. This will get your blood flowing and jump start your body.
  • Take the stairs. Whether it’s to get to your office or to get coffee, don’t take the elevator. Using the stairs will wake your muscles up and give you a boost of energy.
  • Sit on an exercise ball at your desk. Using a regular office chair puts pressure on your lower back. Investing in an exercise ball will work your core while balancing and force you to sit up straight, improving your posture.
  • Walk to talk to colleagues. Don’t send an email or give them phone call. Get up and walk over to your coworker’s desk and talk to them while standing.
  • Stand up and stretch regularly. Doing this every hour is important for overall functionality. It stretches your muscles wakes up your joints and gets blood flowing to your heart.
  • Organize the layout of the office so you have to get up and reach for something. Also organize it with enough room to move around so you can get up, do a lap and return to your desk.

For the not-so-shy worker try doing some arm curls with free weights or squats! All of these little improvements to your lifestyle can go a lot way and the best part is, they’re barely noticeable. Fitting in a little exercise into your daily routine will maintain good health and fight diseases.


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