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The Power of LinkedIn

Posted by Cornell Insurance Services on Oct 26, 2015 11:30:00 AM


LinkedIn has been updating and developing their website and in the last two years, they have made it an amazing networking tool to use for any business. Companies use it every day to recruit new employees or simply discover a new company with similar interests. It’s important to grow your network as a business owner and LinkedIn allows you to connect with people all over the world. Here are some tips and tricks to fully optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Have a complete profile. Every section of your profile should be completed without any missing information. LinkedIn profiles are your online resume for all to see so treat it with the same level of seriousness you would your normal resume. A professional picture should accompany your stellar profile.
  2. Create your personalized URL. LinkedIn give you a URL by default, compiled of random numbers and letters. You can edit this feature by clicking here and over to the right, the option to customize your IRL is available.
  3. Add skills and get endorsements. Highlight your best skills using optimal keywords and your connections will endorse you for what they know you’re good at. A trick to work all social media with is “give love to get love” so, give endorsements and people will endorse you back. Don’t forget to pay back the favor when people randomly endorse you as well.
  4. Make your profile SEO friendly. (SEO = search engine optimization). Optimize your profile to get found by people (and potential employers) when they search LinkedIn for certain terms. All keywords into various sections for your profile such as your headline, summary, specialties, career history and personal interests.
  5. Add projects and publications. Show off your work and accomplishments and post them on LinkedIn. You can specifically relate them to a position that you held to show people you are good at your job. Make sure to fully complete this portion with pictures and a strong description so the project really comes to life.
  6. Join groups. Every profile is allowed a maximum of 50 groups, which doesn’t sound like a lot but really is. Find groups related to your industry or niche and become an active participant. Just remember, if you’re going to participate in group discussions, groups are about COMMUNITY not YOU. You should participate by all means, but to support the community not sell yourself or your services.
  7. Jazz up your profile. Don’t have block copy, after block copy, after more block copy. It’s boring and no one will read through it. Add bullet points, spacing or symbols to make it more engaging. This great blog has some great tips. Just remember: don’t go overboard. We are not in 8th grade with AIM profiles still.
  8. Showcase volunteer experience, organizations and causes you care about. Because everyone loves someone who is selfless.

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