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How to Optimize Twitter for Your Business

Posted by Cornell Insurance Services on Dec 7, 2015 11:50:00 AM

Social media has become an excellent way of marketing and creating a personal bond between brands and consumers. Many people seem to have preconceived notions that social media is easy and everyone will see their product. Well, due to the flooded market with millions of users, it turns out it’s not that easy. There is a science to social media and becoming more personable to reach an emotional level with target demographics for your company.

Twitter handle and username

Make these match your brand name and/or website in order to become more searchable. When people search in google, generally, Twitter profiles will show up on the first page as the fourth or fifth result (if used correctly).

Fill out all the profile information

Since Google uses Twitter profiles as search results, it’s important to fill out the entire profile including the bio. Develop the bio to consist of as many keywords while telling the story of your company.

Header Photo

While it seems like a small thing, the header photo is the first thing people will see when they click on your company profile. This is where you can show community support, display a product or go behind the scenes at the office. Have fun with it.

Pin a tweet

Twitter has added a feature to “pin” tweets. Other social media site have this too (Facebook and LinkeIn) but not many people use Twitter’s to its fullest potential. Pick a strong tweet that drives emotion and pin it to the top of your profile to people will read that tweet first. This may include an upcoming event, an announcement, something engaging or helpful.

Share photos and videos

People are much more visual these days. Comprise a tweet with photos, videos or gifs and increase the traffic to your page. Tweets with photos get 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets. Hashtags and links also receive more attention because they become more searchable in Twitter and Google.

Like tweets

Twitter added this new feature that shows up on your profile where all the tweets you like (with the heart) show up for all the world to see so BE CAREFUL. Companies should like tweets that mention the company directly, like compiling all your social media PR in one place.

Use keywords in your tweets

Tweeting about stuff that’s relevant to your industry and a slight bubble around the industry to attract your demographic. For example, we are an insurance provider but we pride ourselves on providing our clients with much more than just insurance. We want to help our clients grow their business so we tweet about marketing and building business to help people. We also tweet about health related topics to keep employees healthy. Create a bubble around your industry that your target clientele falls in.

Encourage retweets and replies

Having other people mention your twitter handle puts your profile out there to gain more followers. This is extremely important to put your profile and what you have to say in front of prospects.

Participate in real time events

Twitter has trending topics constantly running and they are usually things happening in real time that the world is talking about. Since so many people are talking about it, more people will see your tweets on the topic. Have something important to add to the conversation and get people liking and retweeting your tweets!

Mix it up

Don’t always tweet the same thing over and over. People need variety in their life and if they see the same tweet posted every week, they will unfollow. Twitter is also not a place to constantly try and sell your product. This is a place to make people fall in love with those wining personalities and share information.

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