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Healthy Habits for Success

Posted by Cornell Insurance Services on Dec 15, 2015 12:00:00 PM

HealthHabits.jpgMost successful people have many tasks to complete in one day, they don’t have time to worry about their body failing on them. Presidents and CEOs aren’t in tip-top shape because they have money to maintain it, they know that there are a million other things to worry about and in order to get them done, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only include eating right and exercising daily. Maintaining great brain function will bring your career to the next level and by creating a routine with these habits, you will maximize productivity. Here are some small recommendations for healthy habits to improve business success.

Everyone always says, Morning people are successful people. Look at any success story. They all start at the crack of dawn, create a routine and stick with it.

Get up an hour earlier.

Waking up and having enough time to actually wake up before going to work will actually make you more productive. Research has shown, not only are early risers more optimistic and thorough, they also anticipate problems and execute them more efficiently.  Which of course is crucial to success in the business world so set that alarm now.

Eat breakfast.

Everyone’s been telling you since childhood but they’re right. Start the day off with a good breakfast (preferably high in fiber like oatmeal) to keep your body functioning properly. Treat the time you have before going to work as a luxury. Sit and visualize the day and get ready to kick ass.

Once at work, there are so many tasks that need to be completed by the end of the day and sometimes, the end of the day isn’t until eight o’clock at night. Be prepared for the work day.

Prioritize tasks.

Put the stuff that isn’t as appealing at the top of the list so that there is nothing to dread by the end of the day. Save yourself the agony and stress and just get it out of the way first thing.

Pack good snacks.

Pack some healthy snacks that will increase brainpower. It also helps maintain your metabolism and avoid packing on the pounds. KIND bars are a great start, packed with vitamins and taste amazing. Peanut butter, avocado and hard boiled eggs are also good snacks. Healthy fats and proteins will help keep you focused on the day.

Stop eating takeout.

Try to bring something that is relatively healthy. Going out for lunch every day and alternating between a burger, Chinese and pizza will not keep your energy levels high. Having a hearty lunch with vegetables and protein will help maximize your brain power for the day.

Keep moving.

Exercise is crucial for everyone’s daily lives and obviously a big one for people who are constantly on the go. Try staying active at your desk or make it a priority to go to the gym after work. It’s also important to get in the down time after constant stress and going nonstop. Yoga and meditation are great for the end of the day.

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