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Environmental Liability & Social Responsibility For Your Company

Posted by Cornell Insurance Services on Sep 2, 2015 11:30:00 AM


In today’s environmentally conscious world, every company takes it upon themselves to have a social responsibility to not only their customers but to the community around them. Companies may sponsor the local youth soccer team or donate a portion of their profits to charity as part of their social responsibility. Striving for social responsibility helps companies create a positive influence on the locals and environment around them.

Social Responsibility in Healthcare

Social responsibility for the healthcare industry means to properly manage the harvested hazards amounted by facilities. These hazards can affect the community around the facilities. Any medical facility has chemicals and biological wastes on premises. Taking proper precautions for storage, distribution or disposal is imperative. The released materials can impact nearby properties, rivers and wildlife. Indoor air quality is also a concern for healthcare facilities, especially places with extended stays (i.e. hospitals, rehabilitation centers, etc.). Water damage or leaks can lead to mold growth and spread through the air system, compromising the health of patients and employees. Having regular inspections of all storage tanks and air systems is highly recommended.

What is Environmental Liability Insurance?


Pollution-related damages for sites require Environmental Liability Insurance that covers property loss and liability arising from the damages. Generally, the coverage is for incidents that are “sudden and accidental” and “gradual” in addition to business interruption losses. Over the last forty years, companies have had to adjust to America’s growing sensitivity to environmental concerns, leading to a separate policy from General Liability. With the complexity of Environmental Liability Insurance, it is important to have a policy designed for your company’s needs and have a Risk Specialist who is knowledgeable in getting you the proper coverage.


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